4 Reasons for a Symbolic Ceremony

Majority of foreign couples who get married in Spain will do it with a symbolic ceremony. But what is a symbolic wedding ceremony? It’s a non legally binding wedding ceremony. It can be completed by an officiant, or a priest (if you are choosing to have a blessing).

In this blog post I will give you the 4 benefits of having a symbolic wedding ceremony.

Not having to worry about any paperwork

Since you are having a non legal binding ceremony in Spain, you will need to have a civil ceremony or just sign the papers in your country in order to get legally married. Shortly after signing them, you can travel to Spain where you will celebrate the actual ceremony, reception and party with family and friends. This will normally be the day that the couple considers as their actual wedding day.

By having everything taken care of in advance, you don’t have to worry about any paperwork to be done on site, and it will save yourself many headaches. You won’t need to translate any paperwork either.

If you don’t like the idea of signing any papers before the wedding ceremony, you can always book a date for signing the papers back home a couple of days after you get back!

Fun fact, my husband and I actually signed the papers afterwards. We got married in October but didn’t get to sign the legal papers at the local registry office here in Barcelona until January! Oops! Luckily, we were not very stressed about the dates at all, and we knew the risk was there when we rush-planned our wedding in only 4 months. So for us it wasn’t really a big deal. We celebrate our wedding day in October, and then in January we have a mini celebration for the actual legal date too… Because, why not? I understand perhaps this isn’t for everybody, so be careful if you plan to sign papers afterwards, and make sure to plan with enough time! 

Freedom to pick any venue

You are not tied to have the wedding in a specific place or venue such as a church or town hall. This means you can get married at that beautiful venue you always dreamt of. Cliff with seaviews, on the beach, a vineyard, a castle or anywhere else you wish. The officiant will travel anywhere.

A family member as officiant 

Or why not a close friend? This is a possibility to consider, and it will make the ceremony so much more personal! Just make sure you choose the right person for this important task.

100% customised ceremony

There are basically no limits to what you can do here, it’s all up to you. Everything the officiant says can be personalized, as well as the way you decide to organize the ceremony. Fun ceremony with a lot of laughs, elegant and sophisticated ceremony with traditional or religious touches, maybe you want to sing your vows or have the ceremony in two languages. Anything is possible!

I hope these ideas and information gave you a new, positive viewpoint of symbolic ceremonies and maybe helped you to make a desicions. Good luck with the planning!

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