Benefits of an intimate Destination Wedding

I think we can agree on that 2020 was the year when everything changed about weddings. The struggle of all the changes that couples have been forced to go through was on an entire new level. Couples are still today facing the effects of it, specially if you postponed your wedding once, twice or three times.

If you are one of those couples who patiently have been waiting, the situation as it is now in July 2021 might have made you think about alternatives. The virus is still with us, we can’t get away from that. But the past year has made us experts in adapting to new situations. We are also in a place now where more and more people get vaccinated everyday. Even if there are still restrictions, we are making an effort in trying to continue living our lives as normal as possible.

It’s been an eyeopening year for many couples. They have had plenty of time to re-think and re-value what’s important to them. Pinterest is literally overflowing with intimate wedding inspiration, showing couples that it’s possible to celebrate absolutely beautiful weddings in a smaller scale.

Intimate destination weddings have always been common. And even though there are bigger destination weddings too, it’s always been very common for couples to downscale their wedding and celebrate with closest family and friends when they go abroad. It’s kind of been a way to escape the ordinary.

With this long introduction out of the way, in today’s post I will share 4 benefits of having an intimate wedding and why it might the absolute best choice that you ever make.

Selective guest list

When you keep the wedding small, you also can be much more selective of who you decide to invite. This is great if you have bigger families, but don’t necessarily want to invite everyone. A destination wedding is a great excuse to keep the guest list short. And as a bonus, people are usually much more understanding when you explain this to them than if you would have had a normal wedding back home. Say goodbye to your parents co-workers, cousins you haven’t spoken to in 5 years or old friends who you only invite because they invited you to their wedding!

Go all in with the decor

Are you still dreaming of a beautifully designed wedding? Not ready to give up the idea of personal stationery, flowers and custom table design? An intimate wedding does not mean that it has to be simple. Do not let the smaller scale prevent you from going all in with the flowers and the decor. In fact, it’s the perfect opportunity to do it. A benefit of having a small wedding is that when you add the decor and flowers, it will be even more impactful, and it will feel really exclusive because you made an effort to make it feel really special for a you and a very selective amount of guests.

Splurge more per guest

The costs of a wedding are heavily impacted by the number of guests that you are inviting. By having fewer guests, you have the opportunity to splurge more per guest. Or just splurge more on other things, like including a videographer, have a live band or a more luxurious honeymoon. Instead of having the common 3 course dinner, why not go for an extended fine dining tasting menu? Include personal gifts to the guests, or invite them on a boat excursion. The options are endless.

More quality time with guests

When you invite only the people that you really want to be with you on your wedding day, the atmosphere of the wedding is completely different. Instead of being a stressful event where you hardly have time to talk to anyone, you will instead be able to really spend time with your guests. Sharing a long table with them, having time to speak to each and everyone and really enjoy their company. Perhaps you even decide to rent a private villa where there is accommodation for everyone and make an entire wedding weekend out of it. You might even just turn a family holiday to an intimate wedding or elopement.

And that’s it! Those are my 4 main benefits of having an intimate destination wedding. I honestly think that the intimate weddings are a trend that is here to stay, and is something we are going to see more of which I think is so lovely!

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