Wedding Venue Sourcing in Spain

Congratulations on choosing Barcelona as your wedding destination! Apart from being an incredible destination for holidays, it also offers plenty of beautiful wedding venues for you to choose from.  But before we dive into todays topic. Let’s just recognize the fact that it IS a bit scary to plan something as important as a wedding [...]

Traveling with your Rings

Hi lovely couples! I hope everything is great with you! Today we are talking about everything ring related. I will share importantthings to consider when traveling with your bling. Continue reading, so that you can feel secure when you head off to your wedding destination. There are worse things that could happen to your rings [...]

Where to stay in Sitges

If I would describe Sitges in three words, it would have be Picturesque, cozy and inviting. There really is something special with Sitges. Never heard of the place? I don't blame you. It's not the first place you would visit, at least not if it's your first time in Barcelona. Sitges is a small seaside [...]

Where to stay in Barcelona

Are you planning to visit beautiful Barcelona? Or perhaps you are trying to figure out where to accommodate your guests during your destination wedding? Great, then you are in the right place! Barcelona has been my home for many years, and in this post I will give you all the information that you need to [...]