Cost of a wedding in Barcelona, Spain?

When you start researching for your destination wedding, one of the first things that you will be looking into are the cost of things. When you do this, I really recommend that you have agreed on a budget to start off with. It doesn’t have to be a fixed budget, but you should have an idea of how much you would like to invest in your wedding.

I know it can be hard to find information online of what things cost, specifically for a specific region. That’s why I wanted to write this post. I hope you find this useful, and that you can start getting an overview of what a wedding in Barcelona could cost.


Wedding venues usually go from 2000-10.000 EUR per day. But it’s quite common to have rents that are around 4000 EUR. These venues normally don’t offer accommodation. Week days are often a little less expensive than the weekends.

If you are looking to rent a private villa where you can house your guests and also celebrate the wedding, the prices will vary quite a bit depending on what time of the year you planning to get married. In summer, they usually only rent from Saturday – Saturday, in other words, minimum 7 nights. A full week can be anything between 19.000-26.000 EUR. Off season, they accept 3-4 nights depending on the dates. The prices usually are around 3500 EUR per night. These costs are only for the rent, no meals included and the wedding is also a separate cost.

There are also proper restaurants that do weddings. These restaurants usually only charge for the menus and the ceremony. They however do tend to have a higher minimum guests requirement. The cost of the ceremony is usually from 800 -1200 EUR.

Food & Beverages

A full wedding menu with a catering company is usually from 160,00 EUR per person, up to 200,00 EUR. That would include appetizers with open bar, a three course dinner with wines and perhaps one or two palette cleansers in between the meals, coffee & liqueurs, 2 hours open bar after dinner and sometimes also wedding cake. Welcome drink before the ceremony is usually available for around 4,00 EUR per person, as well as some night time snacks that are also usually from 4,00 EUR per person. Children’s menus and Staff menus are usually around 45,00 EUR/person.

The catering companies will usually ask for a minimum amount of guest depending on the day of the week. On the weekends it’s usually from 80-100 guests, but it will depend on each company. This means, that if you want to get married during a weekend, and let’s say that you are 70 guests, you would still need to pay the price of 80 guests (if that’s the minimum that the catering company has established). During the week days many companies require less guests.

Bridal Bouquet

A bridal bouquet would be between 300-350 EUR for a medium sized bouquet. Boutonniere between 15-30 EUR each. Bridesmaids bouquets are usually around 120-150 EUR each.

Flower decor

It’s vey hard to estimate this cost, because it depends on many different factors, such as the type of flowers, amount of tables, the size and look of the arrangements, the time of the year.. But count from 3000 EUR. But as I said, it’s very difficult to give even an estimate for this category so the best thing is to ask for a quote from a florist or wedding planner once you know what you want to have.

Bridal Hair & Makeup

For a full bridal package including makeup & hair + trial, you can calculate between 350-450 EUR + transportation cost. Makeup and hair for guests is obviously less expensive.


A professional photographer will charge anywhere between 1800-2500 EUR for a full day (10 hours), but can sometimes come up to 3000 EUR. It often includes engagement or pre-wedding session, even if it’s not always the case. If you are having an elopement, the price will normally be somewhere around 800-1000 EUR, since it requires less time.


Videography has very similar prices as the photographers, so I will refer you to the previous point. Sometimes you can find a company that offers both photo and video, and in that case can offer a little less expensive rate.


When it comes to the chairs for the ceremony, you can usually include that with the catering as well for an additional fee. But if it’s not possible, you can rent them separately from a rental company. Chairs are in general between 4,50-10,00 EUR per chair + transportation fee. You might also want to calculate a few hundred euros extra for 1 day extra storage at the venue since the rental companies usually can’t pick up the furniture the same day. Some venues will let you do this for free though.


Transportation might be necessary to get your guests from the hotel to the venue and back again. The prices will obviously vary, depending on how many guests you have and how many kilometres they have to drive and for how long we are booking the coach. For a standard sized coach with 55 seats would be somewhere 600-800 EUR. Smaller buses and minibuses are obviously less expensive.

Normally the guests sort out their transportation on their own from the airport to their hotel when they arrive to Barcelona. But if you want to have a private bus for all of them, you will need a meet and greet service at the airport so that someone waits for them at the meeting point and helps them to find the right bus. The price is usually around 350-400 EUR for the bus from Barcelona Airport to the city center, and 120-150 EUR for the meet and greet. But the rates also vary depending on if the guests arrive during day time or at night.

Sound & Music

Technical sound equipment with a sound technician who manages everything at the wedding usually starts from 1000 EUR.

Live music

For a live band, count somewhere between 3500-5000 EUR.

For a musician or singer duo (or similar) during the ceremony or welcome cocktail, count between 500-2000 EUR.


If you rather have a DJ for the party, it can sometimes be included in the price of the menu. If it’s not, the price is usually from 600 EUR.


Renting a haima style outdoor tent is usually from 2000 EUR.

Rehearsal Dinner / Welcome dinner

If you have the welcome/rehearsal dinner at a local restaurant, the group menus are normally are around 50-75 EUR per person including 3 course dinner with wines and coffee. This of course depends on if you go for a more fancy restaurant or a more relaxed style. That is a three course dinner with appetizers and wines.


Depending on what type of lighting you want, and how big the space is the prices can go from 600,00 – 5000,00 EUR. This is also a very hard to estimate because all venues are unique, and require different things. Most of the times, the venues do include some sort of basic lightning, so you might just need to rent some garlands and ground lighting fixtures.

That’s it! I hope you got a more clear picture of the costs for a wedding here in Barcelona. If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to reach out to me. Perhaps you are wondering how much a specific venue costs to rent? I would be happy to help!

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