Where to Elope in Spain

Have you been looking for that perfect spot for your elopement but didn’t find it yet? You might have been browsing the web like a maniac, but you still can’t find that perfect spot. Spain is a country with beautiful nature and coastlines. Many of them perfect for elopements. As elopements are trending faster than ever in 2021, I thought that I’d share with you some beautiful and romantic locations by the coast that you should definitely consider for your elopement in Spain. In this post I will focus on a beautiful coastal area located north of Barcelona;

Costa Brava

Costa Brava is known for it’s picturesque towns, typical fishing villages dotted along the rugged rocky coastline. It begins from the town of Blanes all the way up to the French border. The name literally means the “rough” coast, or the “wild” coast. The area is know for some of the best beaches in Spain, with crystal clear waters. The beaches are not big if you compare to other beaches in Barcelona, but they are intimate and beautiful.

All these locations can be reached easily by car, in fact, it is definitely worth renting a car because public transport is limited here and buses will stop in each tiny village and you will just loose time. I’m usually very pro public transport but this is an exception.

I will make a separate post later about Barcelona city locations, in case you are more drawn to an urban location. OK, so let’s dive in.

Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar is a town located on the coast in the heart of Costa Brava. It has that nice small town feeling to it, and is mixed with locals and tourists. It is a more seasonal destination which comes to life from May – October, as many other destinations in this area. From Barcelona it will take you about 1,5 hour to drive there. In this village you will find a few, really nice alternatives for your elopement.

The castle
Views from the castle of Tossa de Mar, Spain

Castle of Tossa de Mar is beautifully located upon a hill top by the sea overlooking two beaches, and is the town landmark. The castle was built in the 13th century and is the only example of a fortified medieval town still standing on the Catalan coast. You can actually take a walk upon the walls if you like, since it’s open to everybody.

Since the castle is located next to two beaches, you will have nice views from the beaches with the castle in the background if you choose to elope there. Upon the hill you will also find an interesting ruins of an old church that is quite picturesque, you can actually even hold wedding ceremonies here if you like. See the photo below where you can get an idea of what a wedding ceremony actually could look like. It would also make a romantic backdrop for an elopement!

Ready for evening concert at Iglesia Sant Vicenç in Tossa de Mar, Spain
The beaches in Tossa de Mar town

The first beach is Playa Grande (Platja Gran in Catalan), which is the main beach of Tossa. This is the view you see on most postals from there. Sometimes you’ll see very cute fishing boats drawn up on shore here. A really nice backdrop for an elopement. Just keep in mind that eloping on a beach in the summer months needs a bit of planning, I highly suggest that you do it early in the morning before people start getting down to the beach. Another idea is of course to make it a bit more off season.

Fishing boats on Playa Grande (Platja Gran in Catalan), Tossa de Mar, Spain.

If you walk into the center of the old parts of the town, you will find another beach, a bit more hidden on the back side of the castle. It’s called Cala Es Codolar. This beach is much smaller, and has cliffs on either sides. The rocks gives it really nice character, and with the castle in the background it is quite a special scenery. It is a quite frequented beach even if it’s small.

Cala Es Codolar, Tossa de Mar, Spain

On the total opposite side of the Playa Grande beach, you’ll find Cala Menuda, which is a beach with rocks that make for a perfect background for a ceremony. Quite a popular area for families with small children because of the shallow waters so you need to be really early birds if you choose to elope here. But that actually goes for all beach elopements during the summer.

Cala Mar Menuda, Tossa de Mar, Spain
Cala Futadera
Cala Futadera, located outside Tossa de Mar

It’s is a small, virgin beach located between Tossa de Mar and Sant Feliu de Guixols. It has a somewhat difficult access where you have to walk down about 300 stairs to get there, so good footwear is good. I would not recommend going there with small kids, or if you have difficulties with climbing stairs or if you have vertigo. It’s a calm beach without any buildings or services at all. It’s surrounded by rocky cliffs. This beach is partially a nude beach but anybody can visit it. Due to the high cliffs and vegetation this beach has sun until about 13:00 (1 PM), and thereafter parts of it will be shaded.

Els esculls de la Cala Canyet
Els Esculls de Cala Canyet, located between Tossa de Mar and San Feliu de Guixols, Spain.

Els esculls are a group of reddish rocks in the water to the west of Cala Canyet beach. They enter the sea joined by a series of stone bridges, a really beautiful place for photos. Cala Canyet is located between Tossa de Mar and San Feliu de Guixols, about 15-20 min drive north from Cala Futadera.

Now, let’s move on to the next area, which is the area of Begur. More specifically Aiguablava, which is located even further north from Barcelona. Calculate approx 1 hour and 45 min drive up north. Aiguablava means “blue water” in Catalan, which you will understand when you see the pictures here below.


The coast of Begur is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places on the entire Costa Brava. It is a place where locals enjoy their holidays as well as international tourists. Therefore, I would say that the best time to visit is beginning of June and September. You will be able to enjoy it so much more.


As the name Aiguablava suggests, this beach has turquoise, crystal clear waters. If you walk the coastal hiking path “La Ronda” you will be able to see the beach from above. It’s absolutely stunning! Very popular beach during July and August so if you can, try to avoid these months. It has beautiful cliffs with natural pines on both sides, which will give you an amazing backdrop.

Aiguablava, Begur, Spain
Piscina Es Cau (Cala d’En Estàsia)

In the south part of Begur, between Platja Fonda and Platja Fornells just close to the small cove Cala d’En Estàsia, you will find a very unique, natural, rocky swimming pool. It actually is not a real natural pool even if it looks like it, but it still has it’s beauty. It can be used only by local residents, but anybody can visit it and have a look at it. This must be one of the most Instagrammable places in Spain?

Natural swimming pool Es Cau, located between Platja Fornells and Platja Fonda in Begur, Spain.
Playa Illa Roja

This beach gets it’s name from the massive reddish rock on the beach. It is located 15 min drive (about 8 km) drive north from Aiguablava between the north of Begur and south Pals. This beach is really is secluded and one of a kind and offers crystalline waters. This is another nude beach. Why are almost always these beaches the most beautiful ones? The beach has access both from Begur and Pals beach, the last one being the easiest access. Snorkeling around the rock is quite popular. I think this beach would be so beautiful for an elopement.

Playa Illa Roja, Costa Brava, Spain.

That’s it my friends! I hope you got inspired for your elopement. If you need any help please know that I will be happy so send you a quote. Just send me an email to linda@bettertogetherweddings.es, or by using the contact form here on the website.

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