Questions to ask your wedding venue in Barcelona

Before your big day arrives there are many steps that needs to be taken. One of the first- and most important ones is finding the perfect venue. Maybe you’ve already found some really dreamy venues on Instagram that you have fallen in love with.

And it’s true, the internet and social media is a very good place to start. But there are also other things that you need to take into consideration when choosing the right venue.

Reception at beautiful old monastery Convent de Blanes, on Costa Brava

Are there are any hotels or other accommodations close to the venue where the guests can stay? Will transfer be necessary between the venue and the accommodations, or can the guests walk? Since you are organizing a destination wedding, I will assume that most of your guests will be coming in from abroad as well. If the venue is in a very remote area, you will need to book transfer for your guests.

Knowing this, I would try to avoid too long transfers, if possible. Make it easy for your guests! Just know that majority of wedding venues in the Barcelona area are actually not located in the city itself, but in the surrounding areas around 30-60 min outside of the city. If you decide to stay in Sitges, there are some venues as close as within 10-15 min transfer from Sitges center.

For weddings taking place on the Costa Brava coast, I would not recommend you to have the accommodation in Barcelona city, but somewhere on the Costa Brava instead.

If the guests are planning to stay longer after the wedding, they could always stay the wedding night at a close by accommodation, and then change the next day to one of their choice. 

questions you should ask the venue

What spaces does the venue offer? Can you have the ceremony and dinner outdoors?

Will there be sun or shade in the ceremony area at the time that you are getting married?

What is the Plan B in case of rain?

Will the outdoor areas always look the same, or will it change depending on the time of the year? As an example, if you get married at a vineyard in Penedés wine district, you should choose your date carefully. It’s not the same thing to get married there off season. The vines will be all brown and dry, and not lush and green as you’ve imagined.

What about noise restrictions? Are there any neighbors, or can you keep the party going to very late?

How many toilets are there?

Can coaches reach the venue without a problem?

Can you bring in any vendor in terms of catering, flowers, photography?

Do they have their own kitchen, and what type of food do they offer?

Do they have a dedicated space for the catering to operate from?

Are they doing more than one wedding a day?

When will you have access to the venue on the wedding day, and when do you need to be out?

Do they have experience of previous weddings?

Experience with international weddings?

Do they speak English?

So there you have it! Those are some really good questions to ask the venue. Obviously new questions will always pop up related specifically to each venue

Hopefully this has been helpful!

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