First look, yes or no?

First look, should we do a first look, first look pro's and con's

A few years back, couples wouldn’t have thought about doing such thing. Personally, I think The First Look trend is here to stay. I mean, just look at these pictures?! It’s such a sweet moment! But how do you decide, to do or to not do the first look? Hopefully, after reading this post you will have a better idea.


The photos. One of the big pros is the fact that it’s such a fun and memorable photo moment, when you see each other for the first time. Think about it, the emotions will most likely be all over the place! It can also be a very practical way to shorten down the photo session that would normally take place after the ceremony. Doing it before the ceremony, gives you more time the guests later. You could get the couples photo shots taken, and why not the bridal party photos as well!


Time. In order for you to be able to arrange a first look moment, it requires that you get ready a bit earlier. This can sometimes interfere with a tight time schedule, especially if you are having a morning ceremony. Plan accordingly so that you have at least 1-1,5 hours to your advantage. That way you’ll be sure that you will have time for everything that you want to do; the first look moment, the photos and then to have enough time to retouch makeup and “get yourself together” again for the ceremony.


An intimate moment with just the two of you, before the wedding day craziness starts. You have probably read about it already, but it’s true that the wedding day is usually fully packed with things to do and timeline to pay attention to. A first look might actually be the only moment of the day when you just have a little, intimate time by yourselves before it all starts. It can be a wonderful thing to be able to have that moment together.


Could possibly ruin the surprise moment at the altar. Are you afraid that the first look will take away the feeling at the altar? I can totally understand your concern, this is probably the top reason why couples choose to not do a first look – they wan’t to feel that strong emotion and have the reaction of the first look in front of everybody! Many couples say they didn’t feel “less” at the ceremony for doing a first look, but if you are worried that this would take away the moment at the ceremony then first looks are probably not for you.


Calms the nerves. Are you feeling like a nervous wreck on your wedding day? A first look might be just what you need to calm down the wedding nerves.

Alternatives to the first look

There are other alternatives to the first look. You could still have that intimate moment together before the ceremony without going all the way. You could, for example do a first touch where you are both standing on either side of a door and just hold hands and speak but without actually seeing each other. That could be just as emotional. Another idea that I just love, is to exchange the vows during the first look. Maybe you prefer not to have vows on the actual ceremony, or you have some super personal vows that you’ve written, and you therefore prefer not to say them in front of everybody. Saying them during the first look would be such a sweet and personal moment of LOVE.

So, do you think you will you have a first look?

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