How I work


To be able to create the wedding of your dreams that also reflects you as a couple, firstly, I have to get to know you. We can meet up in person, or have a virtual meeting. I will listen carefully and ask questions to fully understand your wishes, needs and style preferences.

When it comes to the decoration, I might ask you to show me inspirational photos that you’ve collected, or a Pinterest board of things that you like to just to get a more visual idea of what style you gravitate towards.

Venues and Vendors

I will find the perfect location for your wedding and I will connect you with top vendors that suit your style, needs and budget. I will help you read contracts, negotiate, translate if necessary and keep an eye on deadlines and other important things so you can relax and just enjoy everything being taken care of. If you live abroad, it’s always a good idea to come and visit the venue, try out the catering food and meet some of the vendors beforehand if you have the possibility to do so.

For instance, it’s always a good idea to meet the photographer who will take your pictures on the wedding day. Meeting them before the wedding, and have a test shooting will make you much more relaxed for the photo session on you actual wedding day.

Getting you involved

Some couples have a very clear picture of what they want, others need more guidance. Either way, I will keep you updated during the entire planning process and check in with you before making any final decisions. We will determine beforehand which channels to use for communication. As we get closer to the date, we will be working more closely on the final details, so during this time we will be in contact more frequently.

To get a better overview of what happens when, you can download this Freebie where I break down the Destination Wedding Planning Schedule:

The Wedding Day

I will be there to support you throughout the entire day. I will be keeping an eye on the timeline, the weather, the vendors, take care of the guests. This is your day, I want you to really relax and enjoy it to the fullest!

Why choose Better Together Weddings Spain?

Because you and I have the same mission; to organize the best day ever! After more than a decade in this country I know the Spanish culture and it’s differences. I have the ability to think outside the box and I have a long time experience working with international clients, especially from the Nordic countries but also from elsewhere.

I highly value your time, and will be your faithful companion and guide among local suppliers, language barriers and cultural differences. With me, you only have to be a part of the fun moments of the planning process and leave the rest to me to take care of.

Finally, I’m not a destination wedding agency located in another country, I’m located here on site, in Barcelona which makes the planning much easier. I speak the language and can therefore negotiate and take care of things in person with providers so you can feel completely safe.