It’s time to plan your 2022 wedding!

Wedding Spain 2022

Hello lovely humans. I hope you all are having a nice New Years Eve, regardless if you’re celebrating just the two of you or with your closest circle.

We are (almost) finally in 2021, we made it! It feels really good, and I feel so motivated to start all new projects and planning for this year.

Today I wanted to reach out to you and write a little bit about how you can start to plan your wedding. Perhaps you are one of those lucky ones who got engaged during the holidays, and anxiously want to get started with everything. I totally understand your excitement!

So without any further ado, here comes a few points to keep in mind when you start planning your 2022 destination wedding!

Narrow down the location

Do you already know that you want to get married abroad? That’s a good start. But are you starting to feel a bit overwhelmed with all the options available? I can’t blame you. Some couples already know where they want to celebrate their wedding. Some of them might have a sentimental attachment to a specific place in the world. Others have already decided on a location from a strategic viewpoint. They might have guests coming from across the globe to attend and don’t want to make them travel too far.

But if you’re not one of those couples, my advice would be that you really try to narrow down your choices early on in the process. Instead of looking too broadly, try to decide on a continent/area to start with. America, Caribbean, Asia, southern Europe? When you have done that, you start to narrow it down even further. Research possible destinations in that area, and write down the ones that you like. Be open minded, you don’t have to settle on a specific country or location immediately if you don’t feel completely sure about it.

Planning a destination wedding during a pandemic

Even if we all wish that the Covid-19 would disappear in the moment that we put 2020 behind us, it wont be the case. But with that said, it doesn’t mean that you can’t start planning your destination wedding for 2022. I understand that it can feel a bit scary due to the uncertainty times we are going through at the moment. But it’s really important to keep in mind 2022 spring/summer season is “only” 1,5 year away.

As I have mentioned in earlier blog posts, it is highly recommended to start planning a destination wedding between 18-12 months prior to the wedding. The year of 2022 will also be different than other years from a planning point of view. Many weekends will already be fully booked much longer in advance than normal due to couples postponing their 2020/2021 weddings. This is going on as we speak. For this reason, you’ll need to start your research now if you want to get married in 2022. I promise you that I am not saying this to stress you out. I say it because I would hate for you to have to wait too long to get married, or not be able to plan your wedding the way you want due to lack of available dates and providers.

What to think about when planning your 2022 wedding abroad

My advice is to read through every contract very carefully. Look for specific Covid-19 closures and inform yourself about what will happen in case you’d need to postpone or cancel. I will alert you though, most contracts wont refund you in case of total cancelation, but most will be happy to change the date if they are available. When signing contracts you should already count on the possibility that changes might ocurr. If you go in with that mindset, everything will be less stressful. As mentioned, 2022 is still 1,5 years ahead, and much can change during this time. Hopefully by then, Covid-19 will be more controlled, and we will be able to celebrate again in a more “normal” way.

With this I would like to encourage all couples out there to don’t be afraid to start planning. I’m sure we all need some positivity these days and something to really look forward to. And what better way to do that than by starting to plan your big day?

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