My philosophy is very simple – I make weddings for couples in love. For couples who seek beauty, who care about the aesthetics and quality, and who want their wedding day to reflect who they really are. All couples are welcome, regardless of gender, orientation or pronoun.

For anybody who let’s me into their life, I will be forever thankful and honored to be part of your exciting journey. Knowing that it can be scary to plan a wedding from afar, my goal is to make you feel safe, inspired and relaxed all the way so that you can celebrate your love the way you deserve!

My goal is also to make the wedding industry more sustainable, one wedding at the time. Therefore, I always try to collaborate with vendors who have a similar philosophy.

The name Better Together Weddings comes from my personal view of life. I strongly believe that humans are designated to love and learn from each other. For me, ‘better together’ is true to every aspect of life.