Spain Covid Wedding Rules May 24th 2021

(This post is updated every time new restrictions are announced – latest update May 20th 2020)

Please note that these rules are specifically for Catalonia region, where Barcelona is located. The Catalan government has announced some changes that will be starting from May 24th 2021.

New rules for celebrations in Spain from May 24th 2021

The new rules allow religious and civil ceremonies. The limitation is 50% of the max capacity, and maximum 500 persons in indoor spaces. For outdoor ceremonies and indoor spaces that meet the requirements of ventilation set by the Spanish authorities the limitation is 1000 persons.

When it comes to the reception, it’s also 50% of the max capacity for indoor spaces, and 100% for outdoor receptions, which is great news! At the reception the maximum amount of guests per table is 6, unless you are from the same household.

From May 24th Spain will no longer require a negative PCR test for British people traveling to Spain. They will also open up the borders from June 7th to people from other countries who have completed their vaccines. At the moment it’s still obligatory to wear masks in all public spaces regardless if you can keep the safety distance or not. They are now talking about removing the mask partially for the summer, but no decision has been made yet. Here in Catalonia you do not have to wear a mask at the beach when sunbathing (yes, there are other places in Spain where it’s obligatory!)

How is the Covid situation in your country? 

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