Spain Covid Wedding Rules December

(This post is updated every time new restrictions are announced)

Hello! Hope you are having a nice Sunday! Today I want to update you about the current Covid 19 situation here in Barcelona and Catalonia. Please note that these rules are specifically for Catalonia region. The Catalan government has announced some changes that will be starting from tomorrow, December 14th 2020.

New rules for celebrations in Spain from December 14th

The new rules allow religious and civil ceremonies. The limitation is 30% of the full capacity, and maximum 500 persons. We’ve been having restrictions when it comes to nightly mobility meaning you have to stay home between 22:00-06:00. I don’t know if the curfew will change or not, but I will update this post as soon as I know.

We are still not be allowed to leave our cities during weekends for other than work or force majeure. Spain still requires a negative Covid test to enter the country, and you have to wear a mask everywhere you go.

Can I travel to Barcelona to meet our wedding vendors?

I know many couples out there who are planning their wedding in Spain are anxious to travel here again, so this information is good news for you. You could come, but I think it’s important to be very flexible though if you are planning to come here anytime soon. Rules and restrictions might change on short notice both in Spain and your own country. Let’s hope that these new restrictions can be maintained for a while. I would personally try to avoid it for the coming couple of months. Talk to your wedding planner and ask them to send you videoclips. You could even do a zoom meeting with the vendors and then meet later.

How is the Covid situation in your country? 

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