Top 5 sustainable weddings dresses

Hey there lovlies, I hope you are all doing well. Today I’m bringing you my Top 5 Sustainable Wedding Dresses at the moment, I will show you a couple of beautiful and interesting gowns from Pronovias SS2021 who just recently launched their #wedoeco collection on the Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week. These amazing looking dresses really proof that a more sustainable approach is possible even within the wedding industry. By 2025 Pronovias aim to have 50% of their collections 100% sustainable. But without any further ado.. My Top 5 dresses, in no particular order.


This dress really has that 40’s vibe to it, and I love it! It’s so elegant and minimalistic, but also a bit sexy with that deep heart shaped bust, but with the long sleeves it get’s just that perfect balance of elegance and sexy. The detailing in the mid section is also so simple and beautiful.


Wooah. When I first saw this dress on the runway, which by the way was a virtual one this year, I just screamed. For some reason I’ve always been against puffy sleeves, I think it reminds me of those old school 80’s wedding photos you would see in peoples homes growing up. But I must say that lately the puffy sleeve has really started to grow on me and I just loved this one from the first moment I saw it! What do you think? I mean, yes, it’s puffy, but it’s NOTHING like those 80’s photos. This looks so elegant, almost royal. Perfect option for indecisive brides because the sleeves can actually be removed too (!)


This is my favorite boho-vibe dress from the collection. I think it would look absolutely stunning for a more casual ceremony, for example a beach wedding. And it shows off the shoulders, what is there not to love about it?


This dress just screams old hollywood glamour. I can totally see any movie star from that era wearing something like this. With inspiration from art deco it is so elegant and tasteful without being boring, and I really like that slit on the side. Made of ecologic crepe.


This is a more structured dress than the previous ones, and is made of ecologic mikado fabric. It comes with a beautiful long cape to make your grand entrence at the ceremony. I think it looks so sophisticated and timeless.

Which one was your favorite?


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