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Transportations is a topic that seems to worry couples quite a bit when planning their destination wedding. It’s more than common not to know where to start. It can be tricky to know who to contact or how to organize it if you don’t have any contacts or previous experience.

Therefore I wanted to dedicate this blog post to transportations. I hope you find it useful!

Your arrival transfer

When you arrive to Barcelona, most likely a few days prior to your wedding, the first thing would be to figure out your transportation to the hotel or the venue, if you are renting a villa or finca. While Barcelona airport always has taxis available without needing to book in advance, you might want to have a pre-booked private transportation with driver picking you up.

Private car with driver

Many times couples come with quite a lot of packing which might require a larger car than a regular taxi. While taxis will be able to drive you to any hotel, they might not be familiar with driving to more remote areas on the countryside such as private country mansions, fincas etc.

A minibus, van or a private car with driver can easily be booked for you upon your arrival to Barcelona. The driver will meet you with a sign at the airport. A contact number to the driver is usually also provided. It’s also possible to book English speaking drivers, and since the service is prepaid it’s also very convenient and you don’t need to think about paying anything on the day. Better Together Weddings Spain has great and trusted contacts for these kind of transportations, so if you need any further information just send me a message.

Renting a car

Another option you have is of course to rent a car. This might be necessary if you are staying at a remote finca or villa, because there won’t be any local transportation in the area. You can do it easily through companies Sixt, Hertz, Europcar or Avis which are all present right at Barcelona airport! Don’t forget the GPS and the insurance, it’s well worth it!

Arrival transfers for guests


Many guests will be staying at hotels, and for that reason they absolutely easiest way for them to get there is taking a normal taxi. They just need to follow the taxi signs at the airport to get to the taxi zone. As a reference, the taxis in Barcelona are black and yellow. They are impossible to miss and you see them everywhere in town. Average taxi prices from the airport to Barcelona center varies between 25-35 EUR aprox, depending on where in town you are staying and what time of the day you are traveling.

Private car, van or minibus with driver

If you have some of the guests staying with you at the private villa, we can book a prepaid car for them as well with driver or a van or minibus to them so that the driver can meet them up at the airport. It’s a good idea to add information about this on your wedding website, asking people to inform you in a timely manner if they wish to have a private transfer booked for them. As an alternative, if you don’t want to manage everyone’s transportations, you can always give them the direct contact to the company so they can arrange the private transfer on their own. The company I mainly use and recommend has a really easy booking process, and they have English speaking drivers if you request it.

Rent a car

Some of your guests who are staying with you at the private villa also might opt for renting a car to be able to get around and explore the area. You can provide them with links to the car rental companies on your wedding website to make it easier for them to plan their stay.

Public transport

Some guests might also opt for public transportation. The most common option is taking the light blue shuttle buses. They are called Aerobus, and stop at various places in Barcelona city such as Plaça Universitat and Plaça Catalunya. The one way ticket is around 6,00 EUR per person. You can buy the ticket on site (make sure to have cash, since I’m not sure if they always take credit card).

There is also a regional train from airport Terminal 2 that takes you to the center of Barcelona. At the moment there is no train connections to the city from Terminal 1. That line is under construction and will open up in 2022.

If your guests are staying in Sitges, there is another bus company called Monbus that offers shuttle from Terminal 2 to Sitges. If they arrive at Terminal 1 there is a free shuttle bus provided by the airport taking them to Terminal 2 aprox every 5 minutes. Guests just need to follow the signs at the airport. You can also take the regional train to Sitges from Terminal 2, but it’s a bit more tricky since you need to change to another train at the Prat de Llobregat station.

Wedding day transportation

Your transportation

If transportation is needed, we can help to pre-book a car with driver. Besides the common Mercedes Benz cars commonly used for private transfers, there is of course also the possibility to rent special cars with drivers, like vintage cars.

Guest transportation

It’s very common that you need bus transport for your guests from the hotel to the venue, and back. We will make sure that we book the right sized transport depending on the access to the venue. Some venues have narrow entryways where only minibuses can enter. This is something we always make sure to look up before we book a transfers. The easiest way of organizing it is to book the transfer from one specific hotel where most of the guests are staying. The guests who are not staying at the same hotel can make their way to the hotel on their own, or the bus can make a second stop to pick them up.

So that’s it for this time. I hope you found this information useful. It’s actually pretty straight forward. If you have any questions or doubts, you know where to find me!

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