Cost of a villa wedding in Spain?

One of the first questions that couples will be asking themselves is how much it will cost to organize their wedding in Spain.

To answer the question; it will depend on the choice of venue, amount of guests, catering, how much decorations you want, what type of entertainment you will have, if you are doing a full weekend or just the wedding day, what time of the year you’re doing it, what day of the week you’re doing it… among other things.

Therefore, there are many factors that will decide the cost of a wedding. This is why you should always get a quote from your wedding planner. In this post, I will give you a general example of what a villa wedding could cost here in Barcelona.

What is a realistic budget for a villa wedding?

For a private villa in the Sitges/Barcelona area in the beginning/mid June, with accommodation of 4 nights (for a maximum of 32 guests) and with a wedding with 50 guests where you can celebrate a symbolic ceremony, dinner and the party at the venue; calculate a about 40.000 EUR + the cost of the wedding planner.

In these 40 000 I have calculated venue rent, catering for the wedding; welcome drink, cocktail with drinks and tapas, dinner menu with drinks, cake and free bar of 4 hours. I photographer, videographer, ceremony officiant, sound system/microphones, DJ to control music for the ceremony, live musician for the ceremony, live band for the party, chairs for ceremony and dinner, hair & makeup, basic flower decorations, tables and centerpieces, bridal bouquet, 3 bridesmaids bouquets, coach to nearby hotel for guests not staying overnight.

Please note, that the meals for guests who are staying at the villa overnight are not included in this calculation. Only the food for the wedding day. If you want something more simple, you can have just the DJ at the party. There are many ways to reduce the costs slightly.

The cost will increase if we have to bring everything to the venue. I’m referring to things like tents, electricity or setting up a dance floor. Keep in mind that prices can vary a lot depending on where in Spain you get married. The price will also increase if you decide to get married in July or August. The reason for this is because the villa’s require a minimum stay of 7 nights in high season.

What is the cost of a wedding planner in Spain?

A local wedding planner will charge you anywhere between 3000-7000 EUR + 21% VAT, sometimes more if it’s a very big wedding. As a result, the price will be determined by the size of the wedding and it’s complexity. Elopements will be cheaper for obvious reasons. In other words, they will not charge the same for a wedding of 50 guests, as for one of 200 guests.

If you would like to receive a personal quote, please feel free to contact me at, or via the Contact Form. I would love to talk to you!

I hope you found this post helpful, and good luck with the budget!

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