Wedding weekend in Spain

Wedding weekend in Barcelona, wedding weekend in Spain

If you are getting married in Spain, chances are that you and your guests will be staying a couple of days extra before- or after the wedding. Here is a suggestion of what a wedding weekend could look like.

Before the Wedding

If you are getting married in Spain, I recommend that you arrive at least a couple of days prior to the wedding. You could either stay at a nice hotel, or if you have opted for a Spanish villa wedding you will obviously be staying there. Firstly, it’s a very nice option since it will give you plenty of time to get use to the venue before the wedding. Secondly, you will also have time to have a proper wedding rehearsal. If that is something that you plan on doing.

The idea is to spend time together with the closest family (or friends) before the big day. The villas usually have a 3 nights minimum all year around. During high season, the minimum stay is usually 4 nights. For summer holidays it could be 1 week minimum stay – usually from Saturday to Saturday.

Hair- and makeup trial

You might want to visit the hairdresser and makeup artist you have booked (or if they come to you) to have the hair and makeup trial, if you haven’t been able to do that at an earlier visit.

Welcome Dinner or Rehearsal Dinner at a local Spanish restaurant

The day before the wedding, it’s really nice to invite your closest family and bridal party to a nice, local restaurant so they really get in the holiday mood with local cuisine and ambience. It will be very appreciated. If you’re staying at a villa, a BBQ is also a very nice option. It’s possible to hire chefs to manage the BBQ so you can just relax and enjoy.

Meet your local Wedding Photographer & Videographer

A nice idea is to have your wedding photographer coming over a couple of hours to take some photos the day before the wedding. This is a nice way for you to get to know them, if you haven’t been able to meet them before. This will make you feel much more relaxed with their presence on the wedding day.

Fun Group Activity

If you want to do something different with your guests, you could also plan a half day activity. Renting a catamaran or sailing boat with sailing crew is always a nice option that most guests will enjoy a lot. You can have a tapas lunch onboard while you sail along the beautiful coast line of Costa Brava, Maresme, Barcelona or Garraf. Swim stop is of course a must!

If you are unsure wether an activity would be popular or not, you could add the information to your electronic RSVP on your wedding website. That way, people can tick a box if they are interested in participating in that particular activity. If you have several activity options, you could let them pick the one they would be most interested in. And then when you know which activity most people gravitates to, you can go ahead and book that option.

The Wedding Day

Time to celebrate and have fun! If you hire me, I will early at your place this day. I will be handling everything with the local providers, such as the florists that will come and set up the floral decorations or the delivery and set up of the furniture. The catering, sound system, lightning, and what not.

I will take care of all the communication with the vendors and coordinate everything. I will make sure that hairdresser and makeup artist arrive on time, that the officiant is ready. Make sure the photographer and videographer are ready. Furthermore, I will handle the guests on site and their transfer to/from the venue. I will tell you when it’s time for you to enter the ceremony. I will handle all type of possible problems that might arise.

After the Wedding

So the day after is here, and you might not to want to make too ambitious plans for obvious reasons.. at least not in the morning! A relaxed brunch is a nice idea. Or a lazy pool side lunch, if you had the party going until very late. If you’re planning to continue your honeymoon in Spain, there are plenty of romantic options in to choose from.

There you have it, your wedding weekend in Spain! I hope you found this helpful!

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