Where to propose in Barcelona

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You have booked the tickets, the hotel, and you have done the research. But did you still not find the perfect place to propose to your partner? Then this is the post for you! In this post I will share 3 ideas on proposals in Barcelona!

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On a boat

Rent a sailing boat or motor boat with a skipper to take you on a romantic sunset cruise, just the two of you. Barcelona’s skyline from the sea is beautiful! Make it really special by decorating with flowers. Hire a photographer to capture the moment, just informing your partner that it is a normal couples photo session. Inform the photographer about your plans, so they know what’s coming. Then it’s time to pop the question! Have a private car with driver waiting for you when you get back to the port, and takes you to a romantic restaurant in the city for dinner.

Sunset cruise outside of Port Olímpic in Barcelona

At a restaurant with panoramic views

It can be hard to know which restaurants are “worth it”, when you are not living in the city yourself. It’s a fact that some restaurants here in Barcelona take advantage of their location to over price their menus. These places are many times tourist traps, and it’s obviously something we want to avoid. Torre d’Alta Mar is an exception. It’s located in a 75 meter high tower with 360 degree panoramic views. The tower is called Torre de San Sebastian, and it’s located in the Barceloneta area (close to W Hotel). If you are staying at Hotel Miramar, you can take the aerial tramway next to the hotel which has it’s end station in the actual tower. The aerial tramway connects the Montjuïc hill with the port. If you are staying at Hotel W, you can just go walking from there, it’s very close. The restaurant offers a creative and modern cuisine with mediterranean soul. Enjoy the views, company and a delicious tasting menu before you pop the question!

Elegant restaurant Torre d’Alta Mar with 360 degree panoramic views of Barcelona

In a park

OK, this is not just any park. It’s a beautiful, neoclassic-romantic park named Parc del Laberint d’Horta. It’s not very centrically located in the city, but you can take the metro there and it is worth it! This historical garden is popular for elopements and couples photo session, and when you get there you will understand why. The park has a noble feeling to it, and is the oldest of it’s kind in the city (work began in 1791). This is a gem that not too many tourists will discover, due to it’s location. The area is very versatile and perfect for photo sessions, so you can for sure hire a photographer to capture the moment with the excuse of having a normal couples photo session. There is a big hedge maze in the center of the park, with a balcony overlooking it. Discover the paths of the maze, it’s a lot of fun! I do recommend that you arrive early or late, and during a weekday rather than during the weekend. There is a small entrance fee of about 2-3 euros per person.

Parc de Laberint d’Horta

If you need more guidance, you are more than welcome to reach out to Better Together Weddings Spain. I can help you with preparations for your proposal in Barcelona, and I’d be happy to discuss any ideas that you might have.

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