Where to stay in Barcelona

Are you planning to visit beautiful Barcelona? Or perhaps you are trying to figure out where to accommodate your guests during your destination wedding? Great, then you are in the right place!

Barcelona has been my home for many years, and in this post I will give you all the information that you need to know regarding the different areas and hotels that I recommend.


Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain, and the capital of Catalonia. The city is home to 1,7 million people. It’s divided into 10 districts that all have a different vibe and character. Some of them more suitable for tourists and first time visitors than others. In this blog post I will be covering the ones that I think are most suitable if you are visiting Barcelona for the first time. I will also give you some hotel advice when it comes to accommodating your guests.


The highest populated district in the city, and is divided into a left- and right part. Eixample Esquerra (Eixample Left), and Eixample Dereta (Eixample Right). The area in the middle is many times referred to as Eixample Antigua Esquerra (Eixample Old Left). Since this neighborhood is so wide, I suggest that you try to stay somewhere in the middle, since the far right and far left are more residencial areas.

In the middle of this area we find large avenues and shopping streets like Passeig the Gracia and Rambla de Catalunya. It’s also known for it’s modernist architecture and you can visit some of Gaudís masterpieces here such as Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera and Casa Batlló. Wide, open streets, with shops and restaurants.

In this area, I suggest the following hotels:

Catalonia Ramblas. Catalonia Plaça Catalunya. Pulitzer. Mandarin Oriental. NH Calderón. Cotton House. Gran Vía 678. Sir Victor. Gallery.


If the beach is your thing, then this is your neighborhood. Barceloneta feels like it’s own village in the city, and is the former fisherman’s district. Almost all streets lead to the beach. It’s not a fancy district at all but has a lot of character, very much a working class district, mixed with tourists. There is not an abundance of hotels in this area either, only few big ones located on the beach. The walking distance from these hotels to the historical center of the city needs to be taken into consideration if you decide to stay in one of these hotels, especially if you choose any of the hotels close to Port Olímpic. Barcelona is a city where you need to choose between beach or city center.

In this area, you have the hotels: Hotel W. Arts. Pullman Skipper. I recommend all of them.

El Born

El Born is a hip and bohemian neighborhood which is a part of the old town Ciutat Vella. I rented my first room in this area when I first moved to Barcelona back in 2009. Therefore this neighborhood will always have a special place in my heart. I also lived there at another point during a couple of years, and I can still remember waking up in the morning to the church bells of Santa Maria del Mar cathedral. Historical buildings from the medieval times, my building was from the 13th century. Small, narrow streets with funny names and small, independent boutiques around every corner.

Passeig del Born is the main street and is a great area for bars and nightlife, and there are plenty of restaurants in the area. The Ciutadella park is just next to this neighborhood. It’s a great place for people watching, picnics and photo shoots. I’m not a coffee drinker, but my husband claims that Café El Magnífico makes the best coffee in the entire city, and I trust him. It’s not a café, only take-away, so grab one and enjoy your stroll in the neighborhood!

In this area, I recommend this hotel: KK Picasso.

El Gótico

The Gothic Quarters. This neighborhood which is by far the most popular for tourists to stroll around. This area is also part of Ciutat Vella, but is separated from El Born by the busy street Vía Laietana. Even if they are quite similar with their old, historic buildings, there is a different vibe. Small, narrow streets with a mix of shops, restaurants and other services. Slightly more tourists than El Born.

In this area, I recommend the hotel: La Duquesa de Cardona, Serras, Grand Hotel Central, H10 Cubik, Ohla, HCC Montblanc.


Montjuïc is a hill with beautiful views over the city. It only has one hotel, but it’s a beautiful place for guests to stay if you want them to stay close to the city but to be in a more calm area. You take the taxi to the center in less than 10 minutes, which is great.

In this area, I recommend the hotel: Miramar

So there you have it! Most of these hotels have easy access in case you would need to have a bus/coach to pick up guests from the hotel. I hope you found this useful!

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