Where to stay in Sitges

If I would describe Sitges in three words, it would have be Picturesque, cozy and inviting. There really is something special with Sitges. Never heard of the place? I don’t blame you. It’s not the first place you would visit, at least not if it’s your first time in Barcelona. Sitges is a small seaside town, located just 45 km and a 40 min drive south from Barcelona on the coast.

May I dare to say that if you visit the place, you will fall in love with it! I know you will. I did. Sitges is also where I’m based and where I have decided to raise my kids, so it’s a place that I truly love.

So, what’s so special about Sitges? Why should we consider Sitges instead of Barcelona, or any other coastal town?

It’s is beautiful

Sitges is very instagrammable and picturesque in general. It has many romantic nooks and backdrops. You will be amazed by the cute streets, the golden beaches and the white façades. Sitges is many times described as the Spanish Saint Tropez, and also has many similarities with Ibiza.

It’s sophisticated

Sitges is a more sophisticated and chic getaway than many other destinations on the Catalan coast. With that said, we have a mix of everything here, but in general the ambience is a little bit more sophisticated than elsewhere. There are also very rich people living in Sitges, and people with their summer residence here.

It’s is an actual town

With this, I mean that Sitges actually has locals living there all year around. And don’t get me wrong, I know other coastal towns also have that, but Sitges really feels like a proper town with it’s own festivities and traditions. This is not a place that will be completely dead during low season. Even though the winter months don’t have many tourists, it’s still very popular for Barcelona city locals to visit during the weekends.


Sitges has a great, relaxing atmosphere. Being a small town, it really gives you that relaxed, Mediterranean vibe that so many travelers look for. You will se locals stroll around with their kids and friends, have a delicious meal in some of the restaurants just enjoying their company and just be present in the moment.

LGTBQ friendly

It’s well known that Barcelona is one of the most LGTBQ friendly destinations in Europe and perhaps the world. The same goes with Sitges. LGTBQ tourism is very important to Sitges, and the town offers night life, beaches and events for the LGTBQ community. You will notice the rainbow flag is present throughout the city.

With that said, let’s move on to the actual topic of this blog post, where to stay in Sitges.

Sitges has many hotel options. The smaller hotels will be found in the pedestrian areas, and are from my experience not always top notch. Sitges being a small town, it makes more sense to choose a hotel by the beach, which will give you many better alternatives plus you will be able to enjoy sea views. Here are the hotels that I would recommend, all of them are accessible for buses/coaches, so they are perfect alternatives for your guests so that the bus can pick them up at the door to take them to the wedding venue.

Hotel Meliá Sitges

Large tourist class hotel (4 stars) located in the calm neighborhood Aiguadolç, about a 15 min walk from Sitges center. Great for larger groups. Located 3 min walking from the closest beach. Great pool area.

Hotel ME Sitges Terramar

A modern, newly built hotel located close to Sitges golf course. It’s located on the beach. Has a beautiful roof top terrace with 360-views over the town, mountains and the ocean. Walking distance to the city center is around 15 min on the beach boulevard. Great pool area and private beach club.

Hotel Calipolis

Another 4 star tourist class hotel, located on the beach boulevard, but in comparison with the previous two hotels this hotel is located in the center of town. Many rooms with sea views.

Hotel MiM Sitges

Sustainable hotel (partly owned by football player Lionel Messi) with LEED certificate. This is a fairly new built hotel, located just next to Hotel Calipolis (right behind it).

Hotel Casa Vilella

Small, boutique hotel located on the beach boulevard. Classic elegant. Does not have very many rooms, so best to book early.

There are of course more hotels than this, but these are the ones that I recommend!

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